Life in Motion

Life in Motion

Let's face it... I've been a little quiet of late and I'm behind on posts.
Life has gotten hectic and sometimes we forget that there are things we need to do and people we need to see. We get so caught up in the daily motion that sometimes we forget that there is a much bigger world going on out there.

So today I have decided to put that all on hold. To finally take the time to blog, to catch up on the little things and to focus a little on me. 

In my crazy life I work hard on keeping things together. I have a home, a husband and 2 dogs  to take care of. I'm a business woman who is running a start up on her own dollar and for the most part, all by myself, and I am someone who takes the time to listen to everyones needs. But with this I often forget to take the time for myself. So this year I decided to get back on track again. 


There is a multi pass gym app called Guava Pass which I have joined. This has been a life saver for me. It's allowed me to visit different gyms across Abu Dhabi and Dubai and attend different classes and facilities. I've done classes that I would not have necessarily done before. It has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and do something different and new. 

Last week I went to Fitness First Al Seef Village, a ladies only Platinum Club. This club is great. It has a wonderful environment and staff, great facilities such as a pool, weights, cardio equipment and studio spaces. This was the second time for me at this gym. I attended a Body Step class ran by a super energetic trainer. I had only done Step maybe once or twice in my life, and this was the first time back at it in a little over 5 years. The trainer made me feel comfortable throughout the class and always gave options for those of us who were new, had injury, or were pregnant. A great class to burn those unwanted calories. Let me tell you I worked up a sweat! A 60 minute class that combined cardio, weights and core strength movement. I would definitely do this class again. Admittedly I was sore for the next two days post this workout, purely because I was using muscle groups that I hadn't worked in such a long time! 

Today I'm off to one of my favourite classes. Spinning Candy at The Room Abu Dhabi. The class is run by the super energetic Mim. She has this vibrancy about her that makes you smile even whilst working up a sweat. Spinning Candy is one of my favourites to attend and I try to get to this class once a week. I always walk out at the end feeling like I've worked hard and can conquer anything.  

Did I mention that Spinning was the one activity that helped me get to my weight loss goal?

At the beginning of my journey I found it difficult to do much of anything. I struggled to run and do weights, and I didn't enjoy swimming as I was embarrassed about my body shape. At the time we lived in a community of very fit and active people. I had access to a brilliant gym which had regular classes. I knew I had to get moving and only walking as my cardio was getting boring and repetitive. So I looked into cycling. My community gym had Spin and RPM. I attended a session of Spin where I had a trainer whose mission was to just help you reach your true fitness potential. He walked me through the basics, showed me how to set up my bike and to get comfortable. I remember him saying to me "You can do this - Trust me!" He told me to just keep my legs moving, no matters how fast or slow, just keep going until the end. And so I did.
Each week I would add a little more resistance and spin just that little bit more faster. Eventually things started to change for me. My attitude towards exercise and even my life became brighter. I wanted to go to class, I wanted to move and most of all I was HAPPY! It's true what they say, exercise does release those happy endorphins! 

So to finish up today I wanted to say this: Just keep going! No matter where you are in your journey, no matter how you feel or whats going on, Just keep going. Life always has its ups and downs. We get busy, we forget things, we have highs and we have lows. But remembering to take the time for you is the most important, It helps you to switch off. It allows you to regroup, ground and refocus on what is most important to you. Just keep going, but most of all #daretobeyou

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    Jacqueline Wood

    on April 10, 2018 14:28

    What a fabulous piece, you are not wrong about just taking that first step and trying to achieve your personal goals. I have literally walked off 17kgs of weight and reshapped my body.
    It is about taking time for you, being determined but having support and encouragement of others around you as well. Taking that first step is the most difficult and the easiest in some respects.
    Everytime I wear your leggings I receive comments of where did I get them and how wonderful the are. They make me feel happy to be able to do my exercises and progress on my individual journey.
    Thank you so much my dear friend

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