Where it all began

Where it all began

Welcome to Kymoo Sport's first blog post!
WOW! What a crazy start to this amazing journey. It has been a fun time getting to learn the in and out of business as well as juggling a full time job a family and my own health. But we did it! We are live and can't wait to share our journey with you.

So How did Kymoo Start?
Kymoo Sport is the brain child of Suzie our fearless CEO and Founder. She started Kymoo out of necessity. Out of her inability to find workout wear to inspire her to workout. 
A designer and artist, Suzie spent her free time creating artwork with bold bright colours. Her ability to make artwork fun and vibrant, abstract and interesting was what made her designs stand out. It was one day at a local market in Abu Dhabi where a customer of her artwork said that she should put her art into leggings.

To back track a little before this initial conversation with her customer - Suzie was a plus size girl who was struggling to live. Her weight topped 120+kg, she was overweight,had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depressed, suffering extreme anxiety and her outlook on life was at an all time low.

It wasn't until she visited the Doctor that she was advised to take action now or end up with a serious health issue.

So with this in mind, Suzie decided it was time to change her life for the better. Like many women would have done, she ventured off to the mall in search of fitness outfits. Thinking that it would be easy as there is so many options out there, Suzie struggled. "I couldn't find a single outfit that wasn't black, or navy blue. I wanted to work out but I wanted to feel good doing it. I love colour! I was a plus size girl who was made to feel like I had to hide away in black because society thinks that this is all plus size women want to wear. I went home in tears and not wanting to shop ever again".

Then Suzie remembered a conversation with a customer to put her artwork into leggings. YES!! Her art made people happy, It was bold and bright and fun. Why wouldn't it work in leggings. 

So then and there the Kymoo adventure started.  It was the start to changing her life, her career and her health.

Creativity came in many different ways along her path. From her artwork, her designs, to her diet and exercise schedule. Keeping things fresh and different was what kept the journey exciting.
People around her would comment on her leggings and how fun they were. How happy it made them feel just by looking at them.
It became clear that her weight loss journey wasn't just about herself, but about helping those around her. It was knowing that what she was creating would help many other other women to be brave, to be fierce, and to finally dare to be who they are meant to be.

It took two long years, but eventually the goal was reached. The goal of reaching her ideal weight and the goal of launching Kymoo Sport.



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    on February 13, 2018 05:35

    This is awesome! Your story is an inspiration. I can’t wait to see all the places you’ll take this brand!

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    on February 10, 2018 23:56

    Congratulations Suzie!!! You are amazing keep reaching for true stars ?

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