I woke up one morning and I couldn't breathe.
My body was in a complete pool of sweat and I thought that this was the end.

In 2016 I weighed 125kg. I was tired, unhappy, lazy and un-motivated. I had to change my life otherwise I was going to die at a young age without achieving what I always wanted out of life.

Art and design has always been my outlet. I have painted and sold art for many years through markets and events. It was one weekend that a lady approached me and said "Your artwork would look amazing in leggings!" I thought nothing much of it.
A few months later I was fell ill and was taken to the Doctor.  It was then he told me that I was going to die a young age if I didn't get my life back in order. My blood pressure was high, my pulse was skyrocketing and my cholesterol off the charts. I needed to drop the weight and get my life back.

So I decided I needed to start walking and also hit the gym. Like anyone would,  I went looking for work out clothes so I could start exercising.
I needed a plus size outfit and to my shock and horror I couldn't find anything in my size that wasn't black, black or black.
I was mortified. I'm the type of girl who has always loved colour and print. I didn't want to wear black. Just because I'm a plus size girl, didn't mean I wanted to hide away. It was then I remembered that a lady told me that I should make my art into leggings. A spark went off and Kymoo was born. I was going to make workout wear for women of all sizes. No need to hide away anymore!
Two years later and my dream is now a reality. I'm making active wear fun again for all women. I want you to DARE TO BE YOU!
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